Build habits from your to-dos

Today helps you to actually start doing that hobby, side-project or even your homework by guiding you to do a lot, by doing a little every day.

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Achieve more

Doing stuff with no-one there to push you is hard. Today helps you to do a lot, by doing a little every day and holds you to that thanks to its unique approach of tracking the time you spend on each task.

Little and often

New super secret side-project? Want to actually revise every day? Today is geared towards doing a little bit of a task, every day.

Actually complete tasks

Today doesn't just ask if you've completed a task, you prove it by timing it.

Build habits, not to-dos

Get incentivised to make your task a habit by tracking how often you complete all your tasks with Streaks.

Ad-free. No limits.

Today is and will always be ad-free. Plus, you can add as many tasks as you can get done.