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Chore Apps: The best 5 house chore apps of 2024 reviewed

House chores are a real pain. No-one wants to do them, yet they always have to be done. A companion app can really help you push yourself in the right direction for your household chores. So we asked 10 people to review all of the house chore apps out there and so without further ado, here is the rundown!

Full disclosure: the selected reviewers were entirely independent, were not paid for their time and did not know that we were affiliated with one of the apps reviewed.

Today app UI

1. Today

Average score: 9.7

Price: Free

Today topped every reviewer’s scores thanks to its unique approach of assigning each task a time, allowing the user to work on a task for a set period on a recurring basis.

“Today is the app that I’m going to keep using. Its time tracking is unparalled” – Emily S.

Spotless UI

2. Spotless

Average score: 9.1

Price: Free

The Spotless household app looks to help keep your home clean and clutter-free. Breaking each area of the house into rooms, if you just need to track cleaning, this is your app. Outside of that though, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

“If you just need to track cleaning, this is your app” – Jordan S.

Clean My House UI

3. Clean My House

Average score: 8.8

Price: Free

If you love lists, this app is for you. Clean My House helps organise your house and even schedule errands. The app will remind you each morning what needs to be that done to help you gradually tick off your to-do list.

“If you love lists, this app is for you.” – Billie R.

HomeRoutines UI

4. HomeRoutines

Average score: 8.2

Price: $4.99

HomeRoutines allows the user to create lists around their chores. With reminder notifications and alerts, this highly detailed (but expensive) app keeps track of the things you get done.

“HomeRoutines has cool features to segment tasks, though the UI could be prettier.” – Ryan D.

OurHome UI

5. OurHome

Average score: 6.9

Price: Free

OurHome has a lot going for it. It has iOS, Android and web support, and a host of features around task tracking. Our reviewers found it pretty buggy however, hence its lower score.

“OurHome has a ton of potential, but would need to see it be more reliable before I would want to use it.” – Emily S.

Today app UI

🏆 The winner


Price: Free

With an average score of 9.7, Today is the clear winner with its smart repeating task approach, clean interface and its price (free). You can download Today for free on iOS and Android now.

What is the best chore app?

Our independent group of testers have unanimously agreed that the Today app is the best chore app, helping you to get household chores done the quickest.

Which chore app for kids?

Thanks to its colourful design and easy-to-use interface, the Today app ranked the highest in chore apps best suited to kids.